Liko with the help of Rosskag goes over Stamina Sorcerer PvE DPS'ing in the video below. Make sure to support Liko at his Patreon! And check out his website,, a friend of the ESO University website!


This rotation makes use of the Blackrose Prison Dual Wield Axes on the backbar, and a 2H weapon on the frontbar. The Blackrose Prison Axes on the backbar to increase the twin blunt and blade bleeding effect.

The main priority skills are Deadly Cloak and if slotted, Сrystal Weapon. Deadly Cloak grants the Spectral Cloak buff for up-to 12 seconds providing the ticks are doing damage.

Сrystal Weapon reduces the enemy's armor and gives you and your allies 1000 penetration, so it is beneficial to use this skill at least every 5 seconds.

Note: Crystal Weapon isn't as strong as Wrecking Blow for pure DPS in perfect situations. Wrecking Blow can provide more DPS in situations where frequent blocking isn't required. Barswapping away from Wrecking Blow can be slightly awkward too.

This rotation lasts 10 seconds, since Deadly Cloak, Rending Slashes and Consuming Trap each last 10 seconds. These skills, therefore, form the backbone of the rotation.

If you need to reapply Barbed Trap or Hurricane, you can do so dynamically after they expire, or after every second rotation. The rest of the time you can use spam ability and cast Bound Armaments when you have 4 stacks active. Use Executioner as an execute, as early as 30% but definitely after 25% and reapply all DOTs, after that only keep your main skills active: Deadly Cloak, Barbed Trap, Hurricane and Сrystal Weapon (if the buff is required).

In short fights where you won't get a full duration of DOT recasts, ensure DOTs are running one last time before 25%, then use Executioner the rest of the way.

Static Rotation

This simplifies the use of Bound Armaments and ensures close to max uptime of Crystal Weapon.

To start - Bound Armaments - Crystal Weapon - Hurricane - Barbed Trap

Then repeat: Cloak - Rending Soul Trap - Spam - Bound Armaments - Spam x4 - Bound Armaments Cloak - Rending - Hurricane Spam - Bound Armaments - Soul Trap - Spam x2 - Barbed Trap - Bound Armaments Spam = Crystal Weapon (or Wrecking Blow) then Executioner below 30%.