Liko with the help of Rosskag goes over Stamina Warden PvE DPS'ing in the video below. Make sure to support Liko at his Patreon! And check out his website,, a friend of the ESO University website!


Liko used Deep Fissure 1-in-4 skills in this rotation, it provides improved uptime of DOTs (that are generally still worth more damage-per-cast than Deep Fissure), both in the way of leaving them to fall off a bit less and not recasting too early.

Anyway, you can choose whether to use Deep Fissure 1-in-3 or 1-in-4, both options are good, so choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Between Deep Fissure casts, keeping up DOTs and casting the Bear Ultimate as frequently as possible should be the goal. Unstable is the priority, followed by Fetcher Infection (try not to recast this skill early), and then Winter's Revenge (although this skill's priority is above Fetcher if cleave damage is in mind). Recast Trap/Channelled Acceleration to keep up Minor Force. Cast Screaming Cliff Racer whenever there is nothing else to do.

When you use Medusa set, you should replace Barbed Trap/Channeled Acceleration with some other passive/active skill (e.g.Inner Light), because Medusa gives you Minor Force passive.

To reiterate, Mystic Orb should be used in most Trial fights, replacing a skill.

Static Rotation


- Blue Betty - Ult - Eternal Guardian

- Deep Fissure


- Barbed Trap - Unstable Wall of Elements - Winter's Revenge

- Deep Fissure - Fetcher Infection - Degeneration - Deep Fissure - Screaming Cliff Racer x3 - Deep Fissure

During execute phase, the rotation remains unchanged.