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This is a fully dynamic rotation. The general focus is to keep up your DoTs to a reasonable level without reapplying too early and try to make the most out of the burst phases.

The general priority is to fire a bow proc as soon as possible (or every 6th skill for those with worse ping, not a massive difference), as well as refreshing Merciless Resolve whenever required. Twisting Path, Barbed Trap, Crippling Grasp, Degeneration and Shades can be then reapplied when possible, before reverting to Elemental Weapon, which is our spammable.

The priority shifts, however, when Soul Harvest/Incapacitating Strike is used. If there are DOTs with 1 or maybe 2 seconds left, it can be better to refresh these DOTs first.

Once you use Soul Harvest/Incapacitating Strike, you'll get the most out of it if you use only your Direct Damage attacks for the upcoming 6 seconds (Elemental Weapon, Bow Procs)

When you use the Medusa set, you should replace Barbed Trap/Channeled Acceleration with some other passive/active skill (e.g.Inner Light), because Medusa gives you Minor Force passive.

To reiterate, Mystic Orb should be used in most trial fights, replacing a skill:

Static Rotation


- Dark Shades - Siphoning Attacks

- Merciless Resolve

- Barbed Trap


- Unstable Wall of Elements - Twisting Path - Shade/Trap

- Degeneration - Crippling Grasp - Bow Proc

- Spam x5 - Bow Proc

Maintain skills at 25% health (or ensure they're up one last time in shorter fights) - Barbed Trap, Twisting Path, Unstable Wall of Elements, Dark Shades. Spam Impale.

Parse & Setup (Medusa)

Parse & Setup (Mother's Sorrow)