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The Magicka Dragonknight has a really fun rotation, and with Acuity, it lines up perfectly and will give great burst in short fights - which isn't really seen on a Target Dummy.


Burning Embers and Engulfing Flames can be cast together since they are both 14 seconds long. Barbed Trap and Eruption are also the same duration, so consider casting these as a pair as well. Otherwise fit around your other DOTs, such as Unstable Wall and Flames of Oblivion whenever required.

Try not to recast Flames of Oblivion early though, whereas the other skills you can. Otherwise, cast Flame Lash / Molten Whip when possible. If using Flame Lash, it is possible to cast the proc condition of this skill twice per off-balance phase, so I would recommend keeping half an eye out for off-balance if possible.

Mechanical Acuity-Specific

The Acuity Cooldown is 18 seconds, which lines up with with the duration of Barbed Trap and Eruption. When Acuity is ready, ensure that you are not on your front bar before freshly casting the two aforementioned skills.

Use Scalding Rune as one of your last two skills to cast from the backbar, so that it explodes once you are on your front bar when Acuity procs.

If you are also able to time the Wall from exploding during the Acuity proc, that is a nice bonus as well. During the proc, try to use your spammable during the duration, and avoid recasting DOTs without a reasonable direct damage portion, such as Degeneration (or Orb) if you can. It is not always avoidable, yet indeed, a little downtime on DOTs is fine.

Static Rotation


Flames of Oblivion - Barbed Trap - Unstable - Eruption - Scalding Rune

Degeneration - Engulfing Flames - Burning Embers - Whip x2

Unstable Wall

Whip x5

Acuity Parse & Setup

Sorrow Parse & Setup