You can find the helm piece from defeating the last boss, Lady Thorn, in Castle Thorn on veteran mode and the shoulder piece to complete the two piece set on the DLC Pledges vendor.

So let’s go over the tooltip first:

(1 item) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
(2 items) Casting an ability that costs Health spawns a blood ball for 10 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds. You or an ally near the blood ball can activate the Sanguine Burst synergy, dealing 5000 Disease Damage to nearby enemies and applying Major Maim for 5 seconds, decreasing their damage done by 30%. Enemies can only receive Major Maim from Sanguine Burst once every 30 seconds.

One thing to note about this ten second cooldown on the appearance of the blood sphere is that the synergy is available to anyone close to it. So while you may go on the typical 20 second synergy cooldown, this means that someone else could potentially, depending on the positioning of the fight or the group whether it’s in a Trial or 4 man content, someone else could potentially synergize this as well which is basically free damage.

The application of this set for PvP is certainly viable as well, perhaps even for group play.

The distance to the actual synergy is interestingly not too close or on top of the blood sphere, almost the equivalent of the synergy distance with Lightning Flood. Note that the red AOE outlined indicates area where however many hitboxes in it would be affected by the Disease Damage and Major Maim.

Of course the next biggest thing we need to think about is the fact that a PvE tank wearing this set can also synergize their own Lady Thorn set meaning it can be quite a powerful option to consider for maintaining Alkosh’s Linbereaker debuff which is going to be even more critical this patch due to the Alkosh changes and the fact that 3 or 4 supports no longer need to wear Symphony of Blades to help sustain the group.

In addition to this I think this set is easily placed on a main tank in Magicka DPS compositions although it may be a bit tricky when considering stamina DPS compositions as typically your main tank will need to wear Tremorscale to provide that juicy armor penetration to the stamina damage dealers.

An interesting thing to note about the 5 second Major Maim and it’s 30 or rather 25 second cooldown from Lady Thorn is that for the content where Vykosa is used, it may replace Vykosa or rather has already replaced Vykosa.

For Asylum Sanctorium Hard Mode, for magicka DPS compositions you will probably see this replace Vykosa because as I’ve tested Vykosa does not affect Olms when a Protector is up on him meaning when he’s jumping or doing Storm the Heavens or putting out the fire bomb AOEs and a Protector is up, you can’t apply Vykosa’s weakening effect on his damage. Yet Lady Thorn’s Major Maim seems to bypass the Protector completely meaning it doesn’t matter if a Protector is up or not on Olms for you to weaken his attacks.

And like the previous iteration of Vykosa where we only had 3 seconds of Major Maim,, the 5 seconds of Major Maim are quite luxurious enough to mistime it if you’re new to it.

For Nahviintaas Hard Mode where Vykosa has been used, I think it’s certainly a tossup between Vykosa and Nahviintaas if we’re purely looking at the nature of the fight in conjunction with the debuff. In most decent groups the main tank only gets one shatter with a breath of fire meaning you can certainly time the Major Maim which would be more powerful than Vykosa’s weakening effect.

However, I’m not sure if it would be as practical if you’re looking to also mitigate the damage of the meteors during Nahviintaas execute although it’s debatable if you even need to do so with either Vykosa or Lady Thorn although Lady Thorn has the added benefit of just granting a free damage synergy every 10 seconds if placed correctly for the group to the left or right of the main tank.

Regardless of the scenarios, Lady Thorn is certainly worth getting and keeping for the foreseeable future for tanks of all levels.