The Jester's Festival event starts on March 29 at 10AM US EDT.

It will end on April 6 at 10AM US EDT.


You can participate in the Jester's Festival by acquiring the event starter quest from the Crown Store. NO CROWNS or real currency is required to acquire this quest from the Crown Store as it's listed as FREE.

If you don't want to go through the Crown Store, you can travel to the site of the Jester's Festival located at the following cities and zones to talk to Samuel Gourone (quest: Getting the Band Together) or the following quest givers:

  • Vulkhel Guard (Auridon) - Jester Queen Ayrenn
  • Ebonheart (Stonefalls) - Jester King Jorunn
  • Daggerfall (Glenumbra) - Jester King Emeric
  • A Foe Most Porcine flyer
  • Stormhaven (Hammerdeath Arena) - Jad'zirri
  • Stonefalls Jester's Festival Tent (Ebonheart) - Soars-in-Laughter

You can complete any of the introduction quests to get a Pie of Misrule memento that you can use any time for a 100% XP bonus (double XP) that lasts for 2 hours.

Additionally you will be able to get 3 Event Tickets from your first event quest of the day following the introductory quest.

Ticket and Box Grind

You can accumulate a total of 27 Event Tickets (3 per day) that can be used to purchase various items, collectibles and more things from the Impresario vendor that will also be available from March 29 until April 6.

IMPORTANT: Always count your Event Tickets, any event ticket gained after you hit the limit of 12 in your currency inventory will not count. So if you have 12 event tickets and you get another 3, it will REMAIN 12 tickets.

During the Jester's Festival, you can get a Jester's Festival Box per quest completion. The FIRST quest you complete, in addition to Event Tickets, will grant you a Stupendous Jester's Festival Box.


Jester's Festival Box

Can include following rewards:

  • Festive Dazzlers
  • Cherry Blossom Confetti
  • Revelry Pies
  • Festive Furnishings
  • Jester's Festival Provisioning Recipes
  • Miscellaneous Treasures
  • Previous Years' Style Pages

Stupendous Jester's Festival Box

Can include following rewards:

  • Jester's Scintillator Runebox
  • Cherry Blossom Branch Runebox
  • Cadwell's Kitchen Weapon Style Page
  • Higher value Miscellaneous Treasures
  • Festive Noise Maker parts
  • Joke Popper Fragments
  • Jester's Minstrel Daedroth Costume Fragment*
  • Bucket Style Page
  • Broom Style Page

*10 Daedroth Suit fragments must be combined to make the Daedroth costume.

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You can purchase the following items from the Impresario with your Event Tickets:

Passion Dancer Blossom Pet

  • Chartreuse Lily Petals fragment
  • Enchanted Silver Flute fragment
  • Mystical Sheet Music fragment

Passion's Muse Personality

  • Bottle of Silver Mist fragment
  • Delicate Dancer's Baton fragment
  • Pressed Lily Petal Insoles fragment

Other items for sale include:

  • Jester's Minstrel Daedroth Costume
  • Hide Shoulder Collectible
  • Bound Style Page: Bucket
  • Bound Style Page: Broom

The Hide Shoulder Collectible will allow players to FINALLY hide their shoulder pieces in the name of fashion! If you miss out on the Jester's Festival this year, it's okay as Philius Dormier (the Impresario's assistant) will be available to sell you this collectible any time of the  year.