The Thief

Mistral Banana-Bunny Hash
Essence of Health (Resistances)


Want to do some funny damage without much effort? Well this build is for you and while it may have gotten a Trial Trifecta (Immortal Redeemer, Veteran Asylum Sanctorium Hard Mode), there's no reason why you wouldn't be able to use it in other, less demanding content such as dungeons or arenas!

Recommended race: Altmer (High Elf) or Dunmer (Dark Elf); for solo or 4-man content you can go Khajiit.

Recommended food will be a bi-stat Health and Magicka food.

Recommended Mundus will be The Thief (for group content like Trials) or The Lover (for solo content and overland).

Potions can be your basic tri-stat restoration potions, however if you'd like to invest further into the build, you could go with Resistance Potions that restore 9206 Health immediately & gives Major Fortitude (30% Health Recovery), grants a unique 5280 Spell and Physical Resistances!

You should have almost 25,000 resistances, making you basically a tank with around 30,000 Health (includes Minor Toughness if in group with a Warden).

The potion can be made using the following reagents: Mudcrab Chitin, Mountain Flower, Bugloss

Combat Metrics

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Two Immortal Redeemer runs with three Clockwork Curator polymorph drops can be found here.

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