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List of Rewards (In Order)

5,000 Gold

150x Crown Lethal Poisons

1x 50% Crown Experience Scroll

2x Crown Fortifying Meals

1x Instant Blacksmithing Research Scroll

10x Crown Soul Gems

1x 150% Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll

1x Attribute Respecification Scroll

75x Crown Tri-Restoration Potions

2x 50% Crown Experience SCrolls

4x Crown Fortifying Meals

1x Instant Woodworking Research Scroll

10x Crown Repair Kits

1x Draping Locks (Veya Hair)

1x Skill Respecification Scroll

200x Crown Lethal Poisons

3x 50% Crown Experience Scrolls

6x Crown Fortifying Meals

1x Instant Clothing Research Scroll

5x Crown Mimic Stones

2x Instant All Research Scrolls

2,000 Tel Var Stones

125x Crown Tri-Restoration Potions

1x Dreugh Wax

1x Rosin

1x Instant All Research Scroll

1x Tempering Alloy

5,000 Alliance Points

4,000 Gold

2,500 Tel Var Stones

6,000 Gold

What Is the "Veya Hair"?

It's a hairstyle that appeared post-Thieves Guild DLC in 2016 that became a highly sought after hairstyle that players have clamored for since then. As indicated by the Official ESO Twitter account, it's something many people were quite excited to see:

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It's called the "Veya" hair as the name was attached to the hairstyle in an old datamine and was seen by many more players post-Morrowind on a NPC named Veya but as noted by ESO Stream Team member Tea The Khajiit, the first NPC to have this particular hairstyle was Velsa from the Thieves Guild a year prior.