New DLC is Literally Gamebreaking

On November 2nd, the ESO PC community embarked on the final installment of the year-long Legacy of the Bretons with the newest DLC, Firesong. 

While players were eager to experience the conclusion of this epic quest they were instead met with frustration. For many it started with just trying to log into the game. Many players are reporting being unable to log in due to the game launcher being stuck in an endless loop of checking for invalid game files.

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Others report constant crashing if they actually make it into the game. In any zone while doing anything or even nothing, crashing to desktop without any errors has unfortunately been a common occurrence throughout the day. 

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ZOS Responds

Gina Bruno the community manager for ZOS did address the game issues in a post on the ESO forums earlier today. Here's the link to the post and a screenshot below:

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Here she acknowledges that ZOS is aware of the issues currently affecting ESO players. She also reassures players that they are actively working on fixing these issues and have already planned to roll out an urgent hotfix November 2nd with additional follow up fixes on November 14th with the next incremental patch.

More Bugs

Now you'd think that having issues just being able to log into the game and stay logged in would be enough but as more players figure out workarounds to stay online more reports of other bugs started coming in. Apparently a couple of skills for Dragonknights are not working as intended.

Their ultimate skill "Standard of Might" is applying its damage buff incorrectly which results in the buff stacking with each subsequent cast. This translates to ridiculous amounts of extra damage being done, with reports of over 300K DPS being added. "Flames of Oblivion" is also bugged by applying too many stacks of Seething Fury and more consistently.

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For the next bug we have to travel to the land ravaged by the Alliance War, Cyrodiil. The issue PvP players are currently facing here is kind of funny at first glance but actually ruins the gameplay experience for all. Currently all siege is bugged in Cyrodiil. Siege can be placed as usual but once it has been placed it cannot be interreacted with any further. Also siege doesn't decay and break down as normal.  This has led to hundreds of siege littered across the lands of Cyrodiil with no way of being able to remove them or take any keeps. Completely halting any progress in the PvP campaigns.

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Blocking, a core combat mechanic in the game, also seems to be experiencing issues. Apparently any type of action that interrupts blocking will keep it from being reapplied after that action is done forcing players to take an extra moment to stop and reapply block after roll dodging, casting a skill, etc. 

The last prominent bug seems to be only visual.

ZOS had recently announced they would be adding options for cosmetic flair while harvesting materials but it seems some of the animations have been mixed up in this update. For example this player character is executing the animation for harvesting alchemical flowers while at a rubedite ore node.

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What Lies Ahead?

There is no doubt that the launch of Firesong has been a rocky one. These bugs mentioned are not even all of them. As time passes more bugs are being reported and added to the growing list.

As of the time of writing this ZOS has already rolled out their emergency hotfix in response to the constant crashing in attempt to stabilize servers.

Next incremental patch which again is scheduled for November 14th will hopefully iron out the last remaining issues and get ESO back to a state we are used to.


As of the hotfix patch that went live early in the day of November 2nd it has been confirmed that the Cyrodiil siege bug and the DK skills bugs have been fixed. At this time crashes are still occurring and not completely solved. 

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Issues such as the block bug and other crashes are yet to be fully fixed as of the 4th of November.