Community Managers Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno with Zone Lead Jason Barnes accompanied by Lead Writer Bill Slavicsek went over the last installment of the Legacy of Breton year-long adventure for The Elder Scrolls Online. They revealed it to be called the Firesong DLC which had its Update 36 Combat Preview released the day before. 

During the stream they revealed an assortment of information including an addition to the Tales of Tribute Patron decks, a new zone, Razum-Dar and more.


The developers confirmed the island's inhabitants are closely linked to the Stonelore Druids where their living structures are actually woven into the ruins or nature of the island much like how Markarth was interwoven into the Dwemer ruins by Reach culture.

It seems the island zone is located right above High Isle on the world map:

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Close-up look of the zone:

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Main city layout:

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Volcanic Events confirmed.

Tales of Tribute

Druid King Deck - As Jessica Folsom described it, the deck's playstyle is centered around the "right types of cards at the right time, order in which you play your cards produces good results."

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Monsters and Bosses

A new type of monster has been added to the game called a chimera, seems to have the three heads of a serpent, lion and gryphon.

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Maormer are confirmed to be present in the new zone, part of the Dreadsails it seems.

Wandering world bosses are making a return from the Deadlands Quarter 4 DLC of 2021 after positive player feedback.

One boss is called Timbershade and has been described to be a nightmarish creation on the dev-creative end, apparently Timbershade is one of the island's guardians that have gone rogue or insane over the centuries:

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Bull-Horned Magma Frog revealed, the concept art team had a great time with this one apparently:

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Druid King is referred to as one of the aspects of the Firesong DLC lore. The last Druid King is the same Druid King that led the druids out of High Rock and onto the islands. After the last Druid King, the Druids divided themselves into three factions.

The history and lore of the Druid King plays an important role in the last 2022 DLC storyline.

Razum-Dar also is making a return but the reason as to why he's on the island is still a mystery.

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Darien is not making a return, as confirmed by Jason Barnes.

Quen has made a return from the Thieves Guild DLC. If you've played the Thieves Guild DLC before, she will remember you. If you have not, she will appear as a Quen before she joined up with the Thieves Guild.

Petting Interactions

More petting interactions with dogs and now horses have been added in the zone after positive player feedback post-Blackwood.

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Base Game Features


Target Markers for Enemies or for Yourself

- Unit markers can be used anywhere in the game including overland, Cyrodiil, Trials, Dungeons and so on.

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Housing Quality of Life

Improved alignment and positioning for furnishings.

You can see what people use in their homes for furnishings.

Chat links.

Visual Noise

You can now hide pets in towns.

Armory Stations

Armory stations will now be added to Cyrodiil and Imperial City.

Text to Speech Integration for Chat

Something typed in chat by the player can be spoken back to you as part of accessibility features for The Elder Scrolls Online.

Customized Actions

Three "customized actions" were shown on the stream.

  • Wayshrine Color Effect Change
  • Harvesting nodes like chopping wood will introduce more special particle/graphic effects such as a bird swooping down on a reagent and a trail of effects following your axe.

The harvesting animations and wayshrine animations can be seen by other players.

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For video of these effects, click here.

Firesong DLC arrives November 1st on PC/Mac and Stadia and November 15 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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