Bugs That Were Fixed

According to the v8.2.7 patch notes the following bugs were fixed:

  • Scalecaller Peak - Fixed a crash that could occur when fighting Zaan the Scalecaller.
  • The Dark Aeon (Quest): Fixed issue where Joorahmaar could not be attacked after landing.
  • Fixed an issue where some small creatures showed as "Critter" when moused over.
  • The door to Galen from Ivyhame no longer says "Ivyhame."
  • Fixed an issue where some doors would not correctly show quest pins from inside buildings.
  • A Heart Turned Black (Quest): Fixed an issue where approaching a scene during this quest while in combat caused it to not advance until relogging.
  • A Sea of Troubles (Quest): Fixed an issue where you could not interact with Druid Laurel during the quest step to talk to her, fixed an issue where there was no quest icon above Druid Laurel for a portion of the quest, lastly also fixed an issue where grouped players could become desynced and unable to complete the quest step "Investigate Tuinh Village".
  • A Wailing Wood (Quest): Fixed an issue where relogging during the quest would cause prisoners to respawn after you had rescued them.
  • The Ivy Throne (Quest): The quest step for "Return to Castle Mornard" is now more specific to the location you need to go to. Also fixed issues where many NPCs would speak regardless of which quest step you were on along with an issue where Druid Laurel would teleport oddly around the map when stuck.
  • The Sea Runs Restless (Quest): Fixed an issue where you could not talk to Quen after accepting the quest, fixed an issue where duplicate Quens could show up, fixed an issue where you can hear Umindior's torturous audio again by going backwards through the dungeon. Lastly, fixed an issue where exiting the looting menu without collecting the quest item would cause Quen's dialogue to continue as if it were collected.
  • The Siege of Vastyr (Quest): Fixed an issue where a scene with Stefan and Captain Siravaen would sometimes not trigger, causing the quest to not advance properly. Also fixed an issue where Stefan could start talking before your character loaded in.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Frog Metal Buckle Antiquity Lead to not drop from its intended sourcing.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Storm-Weathered Drafting Top and True Way Clay Dials Antiquity Leads from correctly dropping.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing certain Antiquity Leads to sometimes drop twice when looting the cache after completing a Volcanic Vent in High Isle or Galen.
  • Fixed an issue where your game could crash near a couple specific monsters.
  • Fixed an issue where the Syrabanic Marine Motif was not always dropping from Dreadsail Reef coffers.
  • Gaspar Bavette and Perditte Noie will no longer yammer on about the peace conference after completing the Legacy of the Bretons story quests. All of them. You know the one.
  • Dread Cellar - Fixed an issue where Lucilla Caprenia would not appear at the end of the Quaking Dread quest. 
  • Reverted a change made to fix an issue with Heavy Attack inputs being cleared by bashes, as this fix was causing the recent bugs with block being cleared after dodge rolling or bashing.
  • Fixed an issue where some enchantments could fail to persist through rezoning.
  • Fixed an issue with the Short Mussed Wave hairstyle where the hair would appear to float on female characters.
  • Links to player homes now once again function as expected in the chat window while you have the profanity filter enabled.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using /encounterlog in combat.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when characters were unloaded.
  • Made several updates to the Privacy Policy, which will need to re-accepted upon logging in.
  • Champion of the Guardians (Quest): Fixed an issue where Lurchers in all Wyress wave events would not reset event on evade, causing the encounter to stop working.
  • Naval Intelligence (Quest): Talking to Glanir during this quest no longer produces a UI error.
  • Fixed an issue where text could overlap in the mail screen when you had no mail.
  • The Profanity Filter for Simplified Chinese now correctly censors profane words as expected.
  •  Target Markers are temporarily restricted rom being used against enemy players and their followers in PvP areas. You can still target friendly players using target markers.
  • Lylanar and Turlassil brands mechanic now works as intended


Trial coffers no longer have a 5-day cooldown on motifs.

New Bugs

  • A bug that forces the player character to be stuck in heavy attack animation has returned. This was originally fixed with the launch of Firesong DLC / Update 36.
  • New block bug that prevents player characters from blocking after barswapping and other actions. Unless there is a different keybinding assigned by the player, this means players cannot Bash or Break Free since their Block doesn't work.

Player Workarounds

If you get the block bug, you need to re-port or relog to fix the bug. If you're in an instance, you need to leave the instance then port back in (you don't need to enter a different instance).

If you get the new block bug, you can do the following:

Mount up. Press sprint. While sprinting, press light attack. You'll be dismounted and you will be able to block again.

Block Bug Response

Community Manager Gina Bruno responded to player reports:

Hi everyone,

While we can confirm we have fixed the original issue with block, we identified the cause of this new blocking issue that went live with yesterday’s incremental patch. This issue most commonly occurs when attempting to swap weapons while weapons are being drawn or sheathed, preventing you from blocking again until zoning or relogging.

We are working on a fix now and want to take some time to thoroughly test over the next couple days to ensure things are stable; unfortunately, the fix for this issue does require another new client build and is not something we are able to hotfix. It will also be present after the console incremental patch on Wednesday.

We understand how frustrating this is for everyone, including us. We’ll let you know as soon as possible when to expect the fix but expect it to be on or around December 19.