Hard Mode Stream Team Spotlight - Airiesummer (PC/NA)

You can find Airie streaming on her Partnered  Twitch channel participating in endgame PvP and endgame housing. You can also engage with her on her Twitter should you wish to!

How would you sum yourself up as a content creator?

I am an authentic content creator whom is true to self — passionate about mindfulness, mental wellbeing, inclusive engagement, and fostering genuine connections with others. I am a full-time streamer and content creator, and part-time model and commercial actress.

I am a Twitch Partner and a member of a number of stream teams — ESO Official Stream Team, QuakeCon Official Twitch Team, Hard Mode Stream Team, Minimewns Stream Team, and Heart Support Network Stream Team.

What's your history with video games?

I played video games since kindergarten years — mostly role-playing games, i.e., Final Fantasy and Fallout. Elder Scrolls Online is my first MMO and I have been a part of Tamriel since October 2019.

Why streaming?

I originally streamed Elder Scrolls Online homestead designing as I am utterly in love with the in-game housing creativity and would love to feature other designers and understand the inspirations and stories behind the homes. I have since found passion in streaming — it is meaningful to bring the community together, create a serene and safe space for everyone, provide resources for mindfulness and mental wellbeing, and contribute to fundraising campaigns beyond enjoying various aspects of the game.

Tell us about your content and your community

I primarily stream Elders Scrolls Online homestead designing and PvP while occasionally enjoying in-game event celebration, PvE content, screenography, and mindfulness and singing sessions — I have a wholesome community from around the world that is enthusiastic, inclusive, and supportive.

Do you have a sort of dream house in real life?

I love light-filled and airy spaces with high-ceilings surrounded by nature — preferably a steel-framed and net zero home.

What are the challenges you've faced as a content creator?

I occasionally experienced feelings of uncertainty about the stream regarding the content and directions of the channel at the beginning.

I have a chronic neurological condition in recent years which requires ongoing medical appointments.

What are some things you've absolutely enjoyed since you started?

I absolutely enjoy sharing my love for gaming with the community, meeting friends, and being able to support causes.

I am celebrating one-year streaming anniversary on 2021.11.02 — looking forward to spending time with everyone.

What are your future plans and do you have any advice for other upcoming streamers?

I am streaming full-time and hoping to continue long-term. I would suggest persistence, consistency, being authentic, and remembering to be kind to yourself.