What's ESO Directory?

We're proud to announce that ESO Directory is now live! ESO Directory is a part of ESOU's ongoing efforts to help ESO players and communities connect more easily both in and outside of The Elder Scrolls Online. Community or individual advertisements tend to get drowned out in numerous Discord channels or weekly ESO sub Reddit threads.

Sometimes such ads are too sparsely spread across a few available online mediums (ESO Forums) with little attention paid to them.

We also essentially improved upon the ingame Guild Finder for both desktop & mobile users with more Filters requested by many in the community along with a search bar for every platform and server.

  • You don't need Discord to browse available listings however you will need Discord to RSVP, add Events, add Guild Listings or directly join others' Discord servers from the website.
  • If you're a new player, use filters or a search bar to see what's available on your platform and server.
  • You don't need a guild or community to advertise for activities in our "Events" section.
  • You can look for other likeminded individuals through the Events section & advertise your own activities!
  • Analytics and Dashboard available for everyone. No minimums required such as member count required.

How It Works

Upon initially loading the website, you will see an assortment of guilds on every Platform and Server. Each listing is owned by whoever created it or the guildmasters / community organizers when we initially transferred the first batch of listings from the in-Discord directory in the ESOU server.

You can use our dynamic filter that will update with numbers as you start checking off what you want:

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You will notice that while you can browse all listings and the Events/LFG page, you cannot interact with the creation aspects of the website until you log into it via Discord authentication:

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After you authorize the Discord and ESO Directory connection, you will now be able to access your own Dashboard from where you can create your Guild Listing(s) and Events/LFG advertisements easily with our provided fields.

Note that you DO NOT NEED a guild to post in Events/LFG!

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Once you make either a Guild Listing or a LFG Event, you can edit or delete them!

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Patreon and Subscriber Benefits

If you support us through ESOU's Patreon or through the ESOU Discord Server Subscriptions, you will be able to list up to five guilds instead of just one.


We always appreciate bug reports and feedback. You can report them via the ESOU Discord under the ESOU Feedback forum thread called: #ESO Directory