The Armory system was introduced as a quality-of-life addition for players in Update 32, otherwise known as the Deadlands DLC. While it has similar functions to the PC loadout addons such as AlphaGear, Wizard's Wardrobe and Dressing Room, the Armory system also offers unique additions that addons cannot give but also cannot be used in any leaderboards-instances such as Trials and Arenas or in PvP such as Cyrodiil.

How To Get It

Any player can have an Armory Station for free by getting it from the Crown Store.

Once procured, players can set this station down in any owned player House to start accessing its features.

How It Works

Every player will get two free "Armory Slots" into which you can put your Champion Points loadout, your Attribute allocation, your skill bars, your gear pieces, your preferred Outfit for this build and also a "Curse" (specifically Lycanthropy/Werewolf, and Vampirism).

Using or saving a loadout will activate a 5 second cooldown before you can use or save a loadout again.

Once saved, you can simply swap to the loadout any time by accessing the Armory Station and bypass all the usual respecc'ing you had to do in the past such as getting re-infected with Vampirism/Lycanthropy then redoing the Vampire or Werewolf questline to gain access to the skill line. You can also bypass respec'ing at the Attribute or Skill shrines located in capital cities. The only thing you can't swap as of Update 32 are Mundus Stones.

Of course you can also customize the icons and names of the loadouts.

Armory Slots

There are a total of 10 armory slots a player can get PER CHARACTER which already includes the two free slots per character. An Armory Slot is buyable/giftable from the Crown Store similar to the Outfit Slots.

Armory Assistant - Ghrasharog

Ghrasharog is the Armory Assistant NPC you can purchase from the Crown Store if you wish to have a "mobile" or summonable Armory Station in overland instances. Despite the convenient access and mobility, the Armory system still cannot be used in any leaderboards-instances such as Trials and Arenas or in PvP such as Cyrodiil. However he can still be used in delves, four man dungeons and questing areas.