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Strangling Cowardice

As a foreword, it bears mentioning that the Strangling Cowardice achievement at the moment can be cheesed or glitched out to where you can get it but in this video we came up with a way to actually get it without needing to do so.

The achievement reads "Defeat Vykosa the Ascendant after reading the Scroll of Glorious Battle, defeating 7 Stranglers and never causing her pet wolves to cower in Veteran Moon Hunter Keep."

To break it down, this achievement basically wants you to turn on hard mode, have the DPS kill seven stranglers at any point during the fight before you kill the boss while also not completely taking down the health of her pet wolves Zel and Ary during the fight even once.

Our solution to getting the Strangling Cowardice achievement was to actually have us go all the way to the last boss fight, have one of us swap to being a second tank then proceed from there.

It took us a few tries but basically what you will want to do is put one tank on Vykosa and have the tank also help handle the werewolf adds that spawn if need be, while the two DPS carefully control the pace of the fight by not pushing Vykosa past certain health increments unnecessarily.

In this video before we reached 50% health on Vykosa, the two DPS decided to kill the 7 stranglers. The two DPS were incredibly attentive and also communicated clearly with the tank holding Zel and Ary when the pet wolves would aggro onto them so they could roll dodge if need be.

Also it helped a lot that they killed the warden adds that spawned during this fight.

Furthermore in the video you will notice that MemeDankExtra who logged onto becoming the second tank is handling the two wolf pets Zel and Ary, it is advised thatt you go with a safe setup for both tanks if need be as everything can start to hurt depending on both the group DPS and the pace of the fight.

Once the group gets close to execute on Vykosa, the librarian mage who was the previous boss will spawn and do his annoying rune phase where you have to play Blue's Clues and stand in the correct rune spots. It's advised for the Vykosa tank to start hovering near the middle so they can get to a spot rather than being on one end of the boss area as that can kill you.

Please note that both the wolf pets and Vykosa along with other adds cannot be taunted during this rune phase and everyone will need to be prepared to roll dodge or avoid adds once the rune phase is over. If need be you can play it safe and go through another rune phase to guarantee the run.