Daedric Deflector Achiievement

Basically to break this achievement down, no one can die to one of the three poison cones that emanate from the statue of Peyrite during the fight.

If someone dies to a cone, you have to reset the fight in order to retry for the achievement. Next, we need to take note that this achievement can only be achieved on hard mode as we do need to trigger hard mode by reading Zaan's Ritual Scroll, so the difficulty of the fight definitely ramps up so for those of you who have gone through nightmarish runs for pledges in Scalecaller Peak with pug groups, we highly recommend going in with three others who can coordinate with you for this achievement.

Okay so do hard mode, don't die to poison cone, but the tricky part with the Daedric Deflector achievement is this juggling of the avoidance methods.

At certain points throughout the fight based on Zaan's health, a wipe mechanic occurs which is all three poison comes coming out from the Peyrite statue, to avoid getting killed by this mechanic, each of the four people in the group needs to take a different avoidance method every time.

The moment you get stoned twice or you take ice or the geyser or shield avoidance method twice, you need to reset the fight.

Now some people say that this achievement is easier with just 3 people rather than 4 but in this video we did it with four people.

And while high group DPS is always preferred, it's best to note regardless of your DPS, you need to focus the adds first and then during this focus on staying closer to the statue to avoid getting the larger end of a poison cone while you take care of mechanics.

This achievement can be quite challenging and will test your situational awareness but it's very rewarding once you get it.

Just to show you guys how we did it, we basically assigned a rotation per person in the group as to which avoidance method to use for every wipe phase.

You guys can write or type this down if you'd like and simply use it as a template to help your group get this achievement: