Table of contents

Brief List

- More devs

- NEW SERVERS (hardware/modern)

- giant man eating frogs

- Leyawiin, Ivory Brigade

- Gideon, Argonian legion

- Same year-long format

- Ingame organized story starts

- Nextgen clients (GOD PERFORMANCE?)

- Companions (lvl them up?, gear/role, most likely limited to overland PvE and PvE dungeons)

Rockgrove - Blackwood Trial

- PTS Wednesday (1/27)

- The Cauldron (Deshaan dungeon)

- Black Drake Villa (Gold Coast)

- New Set sneakpeek

- Fast traveling out of homes

- Aetherial Well furniture - Restore Ultimate and other resources

- CP 2.0, also no extra stats at 300 CP anymore, now at lvl 50. 3600 CP is now the cap. Most likely not needed to be 3600 or even more than 2000 CP or even high 1000's to be "optimized". No more jump points.

- Harven's Extended Stats

(Penetration, Advanced Stats, etc)

- Armor Penalties/Bonuses

- PvP Update(s) - More performance

tests (item set procs rip in Cyrodiil)

(Item sets that affect abilities

include Seducer's?) February

Cross healing re-enabled (no gain)?

Jan - Midyear Mayhem

Feb - Tribunal Celebration

Mar - Jester's Festival

- Morph pet rock into skin, mount, personality and house.