AFK - Away From Keyboard, usually means people are going to be taking a break or taking care of a real life matter.

Alt - An alternate character, one of many characters on a player's account that is not the "main character", needs leveling, has less playtime or just referred to as such.

Alch - Short for "Alchemy" which is a crafting profession and skill-line in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Arb, Arbo - Arboretum District in the Imperial City.

AA - Aetherian Archive, not Alcoholics Anonymous.

Arx, AC - Arx Corinium, a 4-man dungeon in Shadowfen.

AvA - Alliance vs Alliance

AoE - Area of Effect. Type of ability that affects all allies or enemies within a certain area rather than focusing on one target.

Adds - Hostile NPCs that are present during any engagement or are added to the fight during a boss fight in Player vs Environment content.

Aggro - Aggression, Hate, Threat level. Often used in the following: "Pulling aggro" "getting aggro" "getting spouse aggro", this word refers to who is being targeted by a hostile NPC, typically in group content it is the tank's job to "hold aggro".

AD - Aldmeri Dominion, one of the three Alliances featured in The Elder Scrolls Online. Consists of Khajiit, Altmer and Bosmer races typically.

AS - Asylum Sanctorium, a 12-man Trial in Clockwork City.

AP - Alliance Points, a currency one can gain doing Player vs Player activities in Cyrodiil, Imperial City and Battlegrounds.

Ayyy - Something American players say to signify enthusiasm or happiness.

Anchor - Dolmens, Molag Bal's Dark Anchor world event in PvE overland.

Ales - Castle Alessia or Fort Aleswell in Cyrodiil.

Alessian - Alessian Order item set.

Achievements - Refers to the Journal's list of achievements a player character can get. Achievements are not account-wide.

Aight - Alright.

Addons - PC exclusive modifications that can enhance many aspects of The Elder Scrolls Online for players.

Arena - Either the Imperial City Arena District or a 4-man/solo arena in PvE.


BRB - Be Right Back, usually means people will be right back in a few moments to take care of something in real life unless they're just not coming back making your group wait.

Backbar - Your secondary skill bar.

Banner - Refers to Dragonknight's Ardent Flame ultimate skill.

Bait - Typically used to refer to a dungeon or Trial run where things don't go so well.

Bio, bio break - Bathroom break. Don't let us know if it's number 1 or 2.

B2P - Buy to Play, as opposed to F2P (Free To Play) or S2P (Subscribe To Play). The Elder Scrolls Online is B2P.

BS - Blacksmithing, a crafting profession and skill-line in the Elder Scrolls Online or barswap or bullshit.

BRK - Blue Road Keep, one of the faction-controllable fortifications in open world Player versus Player Cyrodiil.

Brindle, Brind - Castle Brindle, one of the faction-controllable fortifications in open world Player versus Player Cyrodiil. Often referred to as a meme or non-issue particularly for Ebonheart Pact players.

Blood - Can refer to the item set Bloodspawn or Castle Bloodmayne in Cyrodiil.

Bleakers, Bleaks - Refers to Bleaker's Outpost, one of the minor fortifications factions can control in open world Player versus Player Cyrodiil.

Banana - Slang used by Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact players to refer to Aldmeri Dominion players in PvP due to yellow being the primary color of the Aldmeri Dominion's banners.

Blueberries - Slang used by Ebonheart Pact and Aldmeri Dominion players to refer to Daggerfall Covenant players in PvP due to blue being the primary color of the Daggerfall Covenant's banners.

Blues - Slang used by Ebonheart Pact and Aldmeri Dominion players to refer to Daggerfall Covenant players in PvP due to blue being the primary color of the Daggerfall Covenant's banners.

Build - A player character's setup which includes where they put Attribute Points, what enchantments they use, what jewelry/item sets they use, how they play it, their race, their passives, their class, what skills they use and so forth.

Buff - An effect that strengthens a target whether it's your characters, group mates or a different target.

BC - Banished Cells or Blessed Crucible, both of which are dungeons located in Auridon and Eastmarch respectively.

BF - Boyfriend or Bloodroot Forge, a DLC dungeon located in Craglorn.

Ballgroup - A very organized PvP group typically in voice communications together that 'balls' up and moves around together.

BGs - Battlegrounds, a 4v4v4 team-based Player versus Player activity.

BH - Blackheart Haven, another 4 man dungeon.

BIS - Best In Slot, used to often denote that a particular setup, class or elements of a build is mathematically superior to other choices for different scenarios.

BoE - Bind on Equip, refers to gear that drops from bosses, chests or other sources that can be shared with other players or sold to other players unless they are bound to the player character.

BoL - Breath of Life, a morph skill from the Templar's Restoring Light skill line.

BoP - Bind on Pickup, refers to gear that drops from bosses, chests or other sources that cannot be shared with other players or sold to other players.

BRP - Blackrose Prison, a 4 man arena located in Murkmire.

BSW - Burning Spellweave, an item set found in City of Ash that was or is popular at the time of your reading.

Burn - Do as much damage as possible on boss without regards to mechanics or safety.

Burning - A status effect inflicted onto a target by Inferno Staves or other fire-based abilities/sources.

Bruh - Bro, what.

Bi-Stat - Typically used in conjunction with food as in "Bi-stat Food", that boosts Health/Magicka or Health/Stamina or Stamina/Magicka.

Base Pop - Base Population, a term preferred by Zenimax Online Studios developers in referring to "adds", "mobs", "trash" or any hostile NPC.


Cro - Necromancer class.

Castle - Typically refers to an Aldmeri Dominion home fortification.

CC - Crowd Control, a stun.

Cherries - Slang used by Daggerfall Covenant and Aldmeri Dominion players to refer to Ebonheart Pact players in PvP due to red being the primary color of the Ebonheart Pact's banners.

CBB - Castle Black Boot, a fortification in Cyrodiil.

CP - Champion Points.

Cap - Capping, Cap, lying.

CS - Crown Store, the Elder Scrolls Online cash store or Customer Support.

CE - Cheat Engine.

Chill - A status effect inflicted on a target by Ice Staves or other ice-based abilities/sources. Also used to calm a person down.

Chal, Chalamo, Chalm - Chalman Keep, often one of the more heated sites of large-scale PvP engagements.

Crowns - Crown Store currency.

Crash - ESO client froze or stopped working.

Cyrodiil, Cyro - Open world Player versus Player zone and focus of the Alliance vs Alliance PvP.

Crags - Craglorn 12-man Trials.

Craglorn, Crag - Craglorn zone.

CoA - City of Ash, a 4-man dungeon.

CoH - Crypt of Hearts, a 4-man dungeon.

Crucible - Blessed Crucible, a 4-man dungeon.

Choking - Refers to a player messing up either in PvP or PvE. Can also refer to players taking the three resources around a fortification in Cyrodiil to break its Transitus link to the other faction-controlled locations preventing players from traveling via Transitus Shrine.

CMX, Combat Metrics - A much used addon developed by Solinur.

Chapter - A major expansion patch that brings the most content once a year in Quarter 2 for the Elder Scrolls Online. Examples include: Morrowind Chapter, Summerset Chapter, Elsweyr Chapter and Greymoor Chapter.

Char - Character

COD - Cash On Delivery, used for mails sent with item attachments that one must pay for to receive the items in their inventory.

CoS - Cradle of Shadows

CR - Cloudrest, a 12 man Trial in Summerset.

CWC - Clockwork City

Cracked - That's awesome, cool.

Class Reps - ZOS sponsored program that facilitates feedback between playerbase and the combat developers.

Carries - Used to imply that a less experienced or undergeared player was carried through content or to refer to carry runs where PvE skins, titles or achievements are sold to buyers for gold.

Console - Used to refer to Xbox/Playstation and the players on those platforms.


DB - Dark Brotherhood, Dark Brotherhood DLC or Dawnbringer (Kyne's Aegis title) or Dawnbreaker (Fighter's Guild ultimate skill).

DC - Daggerfall Covenant, one of the Three Alliances featured in The Elder Scrolls Online or Disconnect implying the player crashed due to the game or Internet. Also can refer to Darkshade Caverns, a 4-man dungeon in Deshaan.

DSC - Darkshade Caverns, a 4-man dungeon.

DD - Damage Dealer, a term primarily used by EU players on their servers when looking for groups or inviting "DD" players. Can also mean the "Dro-m'athra Destroyer" title.

DPS - Damage Per Second. Also a term used primarily by NA players on their servers when looking for groups or inviting "DPS" players.

Debuff - A weakening or debilitating effect applied on a target whether it's from a skill, item set or consumable.

DK - Dragonknight class or Direfrost Keep, a 4-man dungeon.

DM - Direct Message.

DoM - Depths of Malatar, a 4-man DLC dungeon.

Domi - Domihaus monster set.

DoT - Damage over Time. Type of ability that damages a target over a specific duration.

DSA - Dragonstar Arena, a 4-man arena in Craglorn.

DW - Dual Wield.

Dub - "W" or Win/Victory.

Dungeon, Dung - 4 man content that can come in two difficulties: "Normal" or "Veteran". Different from 4 man arenas in that they are typically easier.

Drops - Items that drop from bosses or other sources. Can also refer to ESO Twitch Drops that are enabled on ESO Twitch Streams.

Drugs - Don't do them kids.

Decon - Deconstruct. Destroying an item at a crafting station to get rid of it while getting its components.

Dragonclaw, Dclaw, Drag - Fort Dragonclaw in Cyrodiil.

Drink - A consumable that typically buffs your recovery stats.

DMG - Damage

DWG - Dead-Water's Guile, item set in ESO.

Delve - PvE instance in overland content typically with a boss and a skyshard.

D Tick - Defensive "tick" that grants extra Alliance Points after fighting off players at your faction's resources or fortifications in Cyrodiil.

Downstairs - Primarily used for the Z'Maja and Nahviintaas fights in Cloudrest and Sunspire respectively. Referring to the groups that go "down" while a group stays "up" for both groups to fulfill the mechanics of the fight to avoid a group wipe.

Destro - Referring to the Destruction Staff ultimate skill or Destruction Staff weapons/skill line.


EH - Elden Hollow, a 4 man dungeon.

EoF, Extinguisher - Extinguisher of Flames, a title one can get from doing all hard mode fights in Veteran Sunspire, a 12 man Trial.

Errant - Knight-Errant's Mail item set.

EP - Ebonheart Pact, one of the Three Alliances featured in The Elder Scrolls Online.

EU - European server.

Eng - Engine Guardian monster set.

Every1 - Everyone

Elven, Elven Gardens - An Imperial City district.

ERP - Erotic Roleplay.

ESO - Elder Scrolls Online. Some monsters actually pronounce it as "EE-SO"

Epeen, E-peen - One's ego or pride.

Emp - Emperor (Cyrodiil PvP).


F - Rest In Peace, Ripperino, goodbye. Press F to pay respects.

FotM - Flavor of the Month, typically used to describe classes or builds that many people hop on to gain an inherent advantage due to a balancing patch in PvP.

Fort - Typically refers to the Daggerfall Covenant's home fortifications.

Fam - Family. Often used in social media by ESO content creators who refer to themselves as "ESOFam"

FL - Fang Lair, a DLC 4-man dungeon.

Forums - Refers to ESO's Official Forums

Farming - Grinding or harvesting for gear or materials, respectively.

FG - False God item set or Fungal Grotto, a 4-man dungeon in Stonefalls. Can also be used for Fighters Guild.

FH - Falkreath Hold, a 4-man dungeon.

FV - Frostvault, a DLC 4-man dungeon.

Five Star - Refers to the Grand Overlord rank and title one can attain in PvP.
Food - A consumable that typically buffs your attribute pools.

Farra - Farragut Keep in Cyrodiil.

FC, Forward Camp - A PvP equipment one can use outside of the range of enemy fortifications to spawn there instead of spawning further away from the site of battle at the players' faction controlled fortifications. It has a cooldown per player.

FPS - Frames Per Second.

Flame - To insult someone.


Gank - Originally American street slang to denote mugging someone, in ESO it means you typically killed a player by catching them off guard whether it was an attack from stealth/sneak or from an unexpected angle.

GF - Good Fight. A common thing to say out of courtesy after dueling finishes. Can also mean girlfriend.

GG - Good Game. Usually said after extended PvP fights between groups or after Battlegrounds.

Gear - Your player character's item sets in use.

Grinding - Carrying out the same action or sequence of actions such as doing a dungeon repeatedly until players get what they need such as XP or item drops.

GS - Godslayer title/achievement from Veteran Sunspire. Can also refer to the Guild Stores.

Gz, Grats - Congratulations.

GO, Grand Overlord - The highest Alliance vs Alliance PvP rank a player character can attain.

Godspawn - Some PvE encounters spawn in adds (ex: Aetherian Archive Hard Mode) that end up in quite random locations very randomly. If the hostile NPCs spawn in desired locations, that is a godspawn.

Godroll - An item drop that is exactly what the player wanted or is considered to be Best In Slot including trait and type.GvG - Guild versus Guild in PvP. Can also mean Group versus Group.

Grothdarr, Groth - A monster set.

GomL - Get on my Level.

Glass Cannon - A character specc'ed out for very high damage output but very vulnerable to any source of damage.

Gold, G - The primary currency of players in The Elder Scrolls Online to buy from NPCs, players or exchange Crowns, Tel Var, Alliance Points and Vouchers.

Gold Sink - An instance of transaction or activity that serves to balance the player economy and the primary currency of ingame gold not hyper-inflate. Gold sinks can include Housing, Guild Trader bids, creation of a Guild Tabard, the 3.5% system tax on Guild Stores and much more.

G2G - Good to Go or Got to Go.

GTG - Good To Go.

Guildies - Fellow guild members.

Goon - Xbox term that means "good player".

Group - Party of 2, 4, 12 or more players.


Hodor - One of the most well known PvE raid guilds in ESO's history. Also used to refer to "Hodor Reflexes" an addon developed by AndyS.

HotR - Horns of the Reach DLC/patch.

HoT - Heals Over Time, Healing Over Time. An ability that heals at least one target over a specific duration.

HM - How much? Can also be Hard Mode which can be activated in most veteran PvE group instances.

HP, Health - Health Pool. If you run out of this, you die.

Healer - A player who primarily heals or mixes healing with DPS'ing. A role name.

HA - Heavy Attack, Heavy Armor.

HoF - Halls of Fabrication.

HRC - Hel Ra Citadel

Heavy - Heavy Attack, "I died to a heavy".

Horn - The Warhorn ultimate skill from the Assault skill line in the Alliance War skill-line or the Hel Ra horn pre-Warrior fight.

Hybrid - Refers to mixing attribute points or item set bonuses to be a "hybrid build" between magicka and stamina.

Hate Tells - Private and hateful messages from a player.


IC - Imperial City

ICP - Imperial City Prison, a 4 man dungeon.

IR - Immortal Redeemer title one can attain from veteran Asylum Sanctorium Hard Mode in Clockwork City. Can also mean Icereach, a DLC dungeon.

ICU - I See You.

Igneous - Refers to Igneous Shield, a shield ability morph for Dragonknights or Igneous Weapons, a buff ability morph cast for groups by a Dragonknight.

Ight - Alright.

Inferno - Refers to one of the three types for Destruction Staves.

Indrik - Type of creature but also a rideable mount in ESO.

Inb4 - In Before. Typically used on ESO Reddit or Official Forums to say "I'm here before . . . X happens".


JK - Just Kidding.

Juli, Julianos - An item set in ESO.

Joshing - Just kidding, just yanking your chain.

Jesus Beam - Radiant Destruction, a Templar ability from the Dawn's Wrath skill line.

Janky - Clumsy, awkward.

JS - Just Saying.

Jailbreaker - Item set in ESO.

Jorv, Jorvuld's - Jorvuld's Guidance item set in ESO.

Junk - Loot that's not valuable to sell to other players or worth keeping for oneself, usually reserved for deconstruction or selling to NPCs.


K - To denote "1000". 1k = 1000, 200k = 200,000, etc. Or short for "Okay/Ok."

Kjal, Kjalnar's - Kjalnar's monster set.

KA - Kyne's Aegis 12 man Trial in ESO.

Khajiit - A playable race in ESO.

Kings - Kingscrest Keep in Cyrodiil.

Keys - Refers to Key Fragments from Imperial City DLC and Undaunted Keys one can attain from Undaunted Pledges.

Keeps - Typically refers to an Ebonheart Pact home fortification.


L - Loser, Take the Loss. Big L.

LA - Light Attack, Light Armor

LAs - Light Attacks

L2P - Learn to Play.

Lag - Latency/ping issues, sometimes referred to when FPS goes down.

LF - Looking For

LFG - Looking for Group

LFC - Looking for (Forward) Camp

LF DPS/DD - Looking for DPS / Damage Dealers

LF Tank - Looking for Tank

LF Healer - Looking for Healer

LFM - Looking for More

Lokke - Lokkestiiz, refers to Tooth of Lokkestiiz item set or the ice dragon boss in Sunspire himself.

LoM - Lair of Maarselok, a DLC 4 man dungeon in ESO.

Line of Sight, LoS - Putting yourself behind an object or physical barrier ingame to stack or lure hostile NPCs or to prevent enemy players from attacking you constantly.

Locked - Typically refers to the Faction-Only PvP campaign that locks your characters of a specific faction in and the other characters of different factions out.

Leash - To pull with Silver Leash or another pull ability. Also can refer to the maximum range an overland or instanced hostile NPC will follow you before losing aggro and "resetting" to their previous spawn location.

Lore - Story, backstory, quest content.


MA - Maelstrom Arena, Medium Armor, Master Architect, Mechanical Acuity

Mag - Magicka

Main - A player's "main character" or "main role" (tank, healer, DPS) they specialize in or have the most experience in.

Medusa - An item set in ESO.

Maw - Can refer to Maw of Lorkhaj/MoL or the monster set Maw of the Infernal.

Magden - Magicka Warden

Magblade - Magicka Nightblade

Magsorc - Magicka Sorcerer

MagDK - Magicka Dragonknight

Magcro - Magicka Necromancer

Magplar - Magicka Templar

Meteor - Refers to Mages Guild ultimate skill or a mechanic in various PvE instances.

Magma - Refers to Dragonknight's Earthen Heart ultimate skill.

MD, Moon - Moondancer

META - Most Efficient Tactic Available. This is very widely misunderstood by most of the ESO community.

MF - Moongrave Fane, a DLC 4 man dungeon in ESO. Can also mean motherfucker.

MoL - Maw of Lorkhaj, a DLC 12 man Trial in Reaper's March.

MHK - Moonhunter Keep, a DLC 4 man dungeon in ESO.

Mending - Primarily refers to the Mending item set.

MK - Martial Knowledge item set.

MoS - March of Sacrifices, a DLC 4 man dungeon in ESO.

Mansplaining - What Alcast did to Gina in Las Vegas.

Music Box - Crown Store/ingame furnishing that produces melodies and other musical theme songs.

Maarselok - Boss in Lair of Maarselok but primarily referring to the Maarselok monster set.

Map - Ingame map players can access.

Mob(s) - Refers to a group of hostile NPCs. See "Adds", "Base Pop" and "Trash".

MG - Mages Guild.

Merchant Side - Refers to the side of the fortification or outpost in Cyrodiil where the NPC merchant is located. Used by organized groups to call out where to go.

Mainbar - Your primary skill bar.


Noob, Newb, Nub, Newbie - New or unexperienced player.

N - Normal,  usually put in before a dungeon or Trial acronym like nMoL (Normal Maw of Lorkhaj) or nDSA (normal Dragonstar Arena).

NPC - Non Player Character.

NA - North America server.

NB - Nightblade class.

Necro - Necromancer class, the Necropotence item set or the act of raising a dead thread or discussion.

NMA - New Moon Acolyte item set.

Nuke - Do as much damage as possible on boss without regards to mechanics or to purposely skip mechanics.

Non-META - Opposite of META or to proudly signify that the builds/players don't care about optimal setups.

No cap - Not lying. No lie.

Non-Merchant Side - Refers to the side of the fortification or outpost in Cyrodiil opposite of where the NPC merchant is located. Used by organized groups to call out where to go.


OP - Overpowered, usually for item sets or classes or builds that seem to overperform in comparison to other options.

Orb - An Undaunted skill that restores resources upon being synergized by a player. "I need an orb".

Olo, Olorime - Item set from Cloudrest in ESO.

Odehack - Addon redecessor to Hodor Reflexes, named after Ode to Harambe, a previous name of former PvE raid guild Mechanically Challenged.

Overload - Refers to either the Sorcerer's Storm Calling ultimate skill or the Cloudrest barswap mechanic.

One Hander - One handed weapon.

One Tam - One Tamriel patch.

O Tick - Offensive "tick" for gaining extra Alliance Points after fighting players and then capturing a resource or Cyrodiil fortification.

Oils - Flaming Oil or Oil Catapult PvP equipment to defend a fortification in Cyrodiil.

Overpen - Over the optimal amount of Physical or Spell Penetration on a target dummy or hostile NPC.

Off Hand - Your secondary weapon slot.


PotL - Power of the Light, a morphed skill from the Templar's Dawn's Wrath skill line.

Pots, Pot - Potions, Potion

Poisons - Equippable consumables that can buff/debuff.

Proc - Programmed Random Occurence, can mean "activate", mostly used to refer to "proc sets" where item sets need to have a condition fulfilled in order to "proc" their bonus ability.

Power Fantasy - A term initially used by Zenimax Online Studios developers in referring to the identity of the playable classes in The Elder Scrolls Online.

PvE - Player versus Environment

PvP - Player versus Player

PvD - Player versus Door, used to imply PvP'ers who simply siege walls and doors of fortifications without engaging in actual PvP.

PUG - Pick Up Group. Random groups that may or may not go well. Sometimes used to refer to groups that aren't organized by guild, can be made up of experienced endgame players.

PST - Please Send Tell. People say this so you know to whisper or directly message them in private in response to their advertisement. Can also mean "Pacific Standard Time".

PK - Player Killer

Paids - Xbox term that refers to "carry runs" where a run for a PvE skin, achievement or title is sold to a buyer.

Poopfist - Often used by players to refer to Dragonknight's Stone Giant ability.

Provisioning - Crafting skill line for cooking food and brewing drinks.

Purple, Purp - Xbox term that refers to the skin granted from completing Veteran Cloudrest Hard Mode.

Primary Hand - Your primary weapon slot.

PM - Private Message


QQ - To whine or throw a tantrum.

Queue - Activity Finder queue or Battlegrounds queue or PvP campaign queue.

Quick Serpent - An item set in ESO.

Queen - Used to refer to Queen Ayrenn of the Aldmeri Dominion or someone's favorite woman.


RNG - Random Number Generator. Refers to the game's system and algorithms in determining random things such as spawns, loot drops, PvE fight mechanics and so forth.

RO - Roaring Opportunist, an item set from Kyne's Aegis.

RoM - Ruins of Mazzatun, a DLC 4 man dungeon.

Random - Random Normal Dungeon, a daily activity in which one can get bonus XP. Can also refer to a stranger.

Rez, Revive - Ressurrecting a dead player or reviving at wayshrine after death.

RP - Roleplay, roleplaying. A popular pastime in ESO. The term "roleplayer" has unfortunately been used in the past to insult players more invested into combat.

Roll - Roll dodge, a gear drop or to refer to "rolling" a new character.

Roe - Castle Roebeck in Cyrodiil or Perfect Roe, a provisioning material or Fish Roe a fishing bait.

Ready Check - An ingame function that allows people to check to see if people are there or not to start a PvE encounter.

Respawn - Reviving at a different location for a player typically in PvP or to a wayshrine.

Reset - Resetting the fight or instance completely.

ReloadUI - A chat command to refresh your User Interface see "UI".

Raid - Another word for 12 man Trials or for large PvP groups.


SC, Spindle - Spindleclutch

Selene - Is a very hard hitting boss.

SO - Sanctum Ophidia or "shoutout".

SW - Selene's Web or Southwest.

Sej - Sejanus Outpost, a fortification in open world PvP Cyrodiil.

Squishy - A character that's very prone to any incoming damage.

Sewers - Imperial City Sewers.

Skipping - Completely avoiding a PvE boss fight's mechanic or other mechanics of PvE encounters through high DPS.

Spawn - Can refer to hostile NPCs that continuously spawn in overland content or the spawning of hostile NPCs during a PvE encounter. Can also refer to players respawning elsewhere.

Stamden - Stamina Warden

Stamsorc - Stamina Sorcerer

StamDK - Stamina Dragonknight

Stamblade - Stamina Nightblade

Stamplar - Stamina Templar

Stamcro - Stamina Necromancer

SnB, S&B - Sword and Board

Sorc - Sorcerer

SPC - Spell Power Cure, an item set in ESO.

SCP - Scalecaller Peak, a DLC 4 man dungeon.

SotH - Shadows of the Hist DLC/patch.

SS - No not that SS, but Sunspire, a 12 man Trial in Northern Elsweyr. Can also refer to a "screenshot".

Stam - Stamina

Spellscar - A well known grind spot in Craglorn for XP gain.

Skyreach - Usually refers to Skyreach Catacombs, another well known but instanced grind spot in Craglorn for XP gain.

Standard - Refers to Dragonknights' Ardent Flame ultimate skill.

Scales Off Of - When item set strengths or other stats are based off of certain stats or percentage modifiers. "Proc sets don't scale off of max stamina/magicka or weapon/spell damage, they scale off of % modifiers like Champion Points and buffs/debuffs."

Skin - Refers to equippable skins that are usually granted from PvE achievements or the ingame Crown Store.

Silver Surfer - Refers to the Asylum Sanctorium Hard Mode skin.

Soft - A Xbox term that means a player is too sensitive.


Temple - Temple District in Imperial City.

TI, Tempest - Tempest Island, a 4 man dungeon in ESO.

TG - Thieves Guild

Troll - Someone who intentionally wants to upset people. Or the act of messing around with people.

Tick - The frequency/rate of which damage or healing occurs at on a player ("1000 healing done every second for 7 seconds"). Can also refer to Alliance Point O or D Ticks.

Tank - A role for the player who grabs the threat or aggro of hostile NPCs. Can also refer to PvP builds.

Trash, Trash Mobs - Hostile NPCs or groups of hostile NPCs in PvE encounters. See "Base Pop", "Mob(s)" and "Adds".

TBS - Twice Born Star, an item set in ESO.

Temp - Temporary or the Templar class.

Tempers, Temps - Tempering Alloys or gold gear upgrade materials.

TFS - Twice-Fanged Serpent, an item set in ESO.

TY - Thank You

TYFG - Thank You For Group

The Bag - Xbox term for getting paid, success.

The D - The area of the 2nd floors of outposts that forms a "D" shape. Used by organized groups to call out where to go.

Tell - Private message

Two Hander - Two Handed Weapon

Tickets - One of the listed currencies gained from ingame Events created by the developers.

Traders - Guild Traders, Guild Trader spots. A unique ESO take on Auction Houses.

T-Bag - Self explanatory.


Ult - Ultimate, ultimate points.

Undaunted - Undaunted passives, Pledges or skill classification

UG - Unhallowed Grave

Upstairs - Primarily used during the Z'Maja or Nahviintaas fights in Cloudrest or Sunspire to refer to the groups staying "up" to carry out the fight while a "downstairs" group goes to fulfill another part of the fight's mechanics to avoid a group wipe.

UI - User Interface or Undaunted Infiltrator, an item set in ESO.

Underpen - Under the optimal amount of Physical or Spell Penetration on a target dummy or hostile NPC.


V - Veteran, usually put in before a dungeon or Trial acronym like vMoL (Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj) or vFL (Veteran Fang Lair).

Vet - Veteran

Vamp - Vampire

VF, Volen - Volenfell, a 4-man dungeon in the Alik'r Desert.

VO - Vicious Ophidian, an item set in ESO.

VoM, Vaults - Vaults of Madness, a 4-man dungeon in Coldharbour.

Vateshran, Vate - Used for the weapons that come from the Vateshran Hollows solo arena or the solo arena itself.

VR - Veteran Ranks, the now-gone system of levels for endgame progression in ESO. Replaced by the Champion Points system completely.

Vendor - NPC merchant whether it's the "Golden Vendor" (weekend vendor) or otherwise.

Vendor Trash - Items that aren't worth selling to other players or keeping/using. Sold to NPC merchants.

Vouchers - One of the listed currencies one can get from doing Master Writs.


WB, World Boss - World Bosses in PvE overland content.

WS, Wayrest - Wayrest Sewers, can also refer to the Stormhaven capital of Wayrest itself.

WGT - White Gold Tower

WTB - Want To Buy/Willing To Buy

WTS - Want To Sell/Willing To Sell

WTT - Want To Trade

WW - Werewolf

Wym - What do you mean?

Wbu - What about you?

Woodworking - Crafting skill-line and profession in ESO.

Wipe - Everyone dies in your group.


XP - Experience, Experience Points

X - NA players use this character to "X up" for groups to get invited for PvE or PvP activities.

Xv1 - Many players PvP'ing against one player.


Y - Why


Zerg - A mass movement of many players or a massive group of players in PvP.

Zergling - Typically an insult within the endgame PvP community reserved for people perceived to be Xv1'ing.

ZOS, Zeni - Zenimax Online Studios, the developer of The Elder Scrolls Online.


+ - EU players use this character to "+ up" for groups to get invited for PvE or PvP activities.

1vX - One player PvP'ing against multiple players by themselves.

1H - One Handed Weapon, One Hander.

2H - Two Hnaded Weapon, Two Hander.

/w - Whisper

/g1, /g2, etc - Enabling to type in your designated guild chats.

/emote - Enabling to type in emote chat, reserved for roleplay.