Sempiternal Way [ Semp ] is a beautiful and supportive community created by Alcohol (@kobert) and Nefas (@NefasQS) in 2015 for friends and friends-to-be, providing opportunities to every aspect of the game, including crafting, end-game pve / pvp raiding, contests, and social events.

The most recent housing contest hosted by Semp in May 2021 is themed ‘botanical’ — the generous community has provided a Runebox: Clockwork Reliquary, 4,000,000 gold, and 3,000 Crowns as prizes for the designers.

Please join the Sempiternal Way and Atelier Airie discord servers for upcoming housing contests and community events.

@pandoraheart96 (PC/NA) is the designer of the Hunter’s Glade home that won first place in Semp's botanical housing contest.


Pandoraheart96 is an experimental designer at heart — with the myriad of furnishings that ESO provides, houses became like a LEGO playground for him to mix and match the furnishings into a cobble.

Some of Pandoraheart96’s decorations came from inspirations, others are purely accidental discoveries from when he was tinkering with Essential Housing Tools (EHT).

This Hunter’s Glade home started as an inspiration from James Cameron’s Avatar — he wanted to recreate Hometree, the residence of the Na’vi clans on planet Pandora. When he entered Sempiternal Way’s contest, he modified the house to fit the botanical theme, and came up with a swan sculpture, a flower field, a bamboo forest, a river of cherry blossoms and more.

The following is a highlights gallery of the home: