Loctavian is a streamer with a focus on innovating new and interesting content for the Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to check their streams out!

Along with the most recent housing contest inspired by the Food Network show 'Chopped', they have streamed sports bracketed lore tournaments, role play functions, and are currently working on the upcoming Amazing Race: Tamriel.

The channel has a major focus on a supportive community, mental health (Loctavian being a streamer with ADHD), and lore/storytelling. When Loctavian is not streaming ESO, you can find a mixture of content from Marbles on Stream, IRL/Just Chatting streams, to hosting the weekly podcast Tavern Talks.

Loctavian recently hosted a housing contest 'Chopped Housing Contest'. Inspired by the Food Network's 'Chopped', the housing decorators were each given a secret basket of items that they are required to use in their home.

These pieces must not be hidden and featured, and were chosen due to how they may be more difficult to work with and do not (on the surface) go together.

The items for this round were:

  • Markarth Fireplace, Stone
  • Elsewyr Sarcophagus, Ancient
  • Vampiric Mirror, Standing
  • Alinor Potted Plant, Perpetual Bloom
  • Wedding Curtain, Wide
  • Khajiit Bottle, Amber

Winners' Gallery