This is a video of one of our 0 portal kills during our most recent Cloudrest progression. Unfortunately, I was not recording for our fastest run (the only run of the night where I wasn't... lol), so instead, I figured I'd upload another fight.

This probably would have been the record, or very close to it, had 3 DDs not been 1-shot by Galenwe in execute.

At the time of uploading this video, 4D is now disbanded, and our last raid together was here in Cloudrest, where we achieved a new world record together of 136,002 / 3:52 trial time.

Words cannot express how much I will miss raiding with this group, as it was composed of the most talented and like-minded players I have ever had the privilege of playing with.

For the year that we raided together, we accomplished so much, and I am so proud of how far we all came from where we started. I can honestly say that this has been a group of not only amazing players, but wonderful people, and real friends that I hope to keep for as long as they'll have me. I love you guys so much. Thank you for everything. Now for a bit about the run.

 My jobs were to keep up Minor Berserk, Minor Vulnerability, Major Resolve, and Minor Lifesteal as much as possible. I also overcast Enchanted Growth a bit to proc Minor Intellect to help my DDs sustain, and tried to keep up Blockade of Storms to help proc Off Balance, and to help with Crusher uptimes.

I put Elemental Drain on as many Malicious Spheres and Creepers as I safely could, without slacking on healing or other more important buffs and debuffs, and cast the initial Ele Drain during execute so that my healer partner could proc Major Slayer right away without there being any downtime, since she was also keeping it up on primary targets during the rest of the fight.

For kiting, I stood a little behind the group to bait the Crushing Darkness, as well as Siroria's and Relequen's jumps- not too far that so they took a long time to walk back, and not close enough so that they jumped into the group.

In runs with Sload Grinders, we tried using Worm instead of Hollowfang, and the feedback from DDs was that their sustain was much more consistent with Worm, since good sustain with Hollowfang relies on the RNG of getting a healthy amount of procs (this can be tricky since this fight is pretty mobile).

That being the case, in the future, I would use Worm over Hollowfang for this role, if the group had to choose only one. I would also swap to 1 Spell Damage glyph on my jewelry since Worm has Magicka recovery bonuses.