• 0:00 Build Introduction & Purpose
  • 1:47 Attributes/Stats/Consumables
  • 2:27 Skills
  • 2:31 Item Sets
  • 3:06 Champion Points
  • 3:40 Bombs Away!
The Lady

Bewitched Sugar Skulls
Essence of Immovability

Introduction (Update 30, Blackwood)

The purpose of the Boss build is to survive for as long as possible in primarily Cyrodiil open-world or Imperial City PvP environments against larger groups of players so that your group members have enough time and space for an opportunity to target or "bomb" these groups of players. If all goes well, you will be alive - or dead - with a lot of Alliance Points gained.

For a PvP bomber build example, check out the Detonation build.

While certainly the Boss build can work to a decent degree in non-Champion Point PvP environments such as Battlegrounds or the no-CP Cyrodiil campaigns, it's most effective in Champion Point PvP environments due to the added mitigation and bonuses gained from the CP System.

This setup or similar setups to it can be much more effective on Necromancers.

Recommended races for this build are Nord, Imperial and Argonian.

Due to the low amount of recovery for all Health, Magicka and Stamina stats, the best Mundus seems to either be The Lady or The Lord.

Recommended potion for this build will be Essence of Immovability.

Recommended food for this build will be Bewitched Sugar Skulls.

Vampire Stage 3 is highly recommended for this build due to added mitigation from the Stage 3 Undeath passive in conjunction with Ironblood, Immovable and the CP Slottables.

For gameplay and the video showcasing this build, refer to the video above.

With the stat distribution shown on this build page, you will have approximately 32,000 Max Health, 19,000 Max Magicka and 27,000 Max Stamina. Resistances will be well over the 33,000 softcap.