The Thief

Lava Foot Soup-And-Saltrice
Essence of Weapon Power

Introduction (Update 32, Deadlands)

Inquisitor Mordrak showcases the best possible damage setup one could do on the Raid Dummies and on actual Trial bosses whenever possible as a Stamina Dragonknight PvE damage dealer!

This written guide along with the accompanying video guide will not only go over how to perform your DPS rotation as a Stamina Dragonknight in an optimal setting but also go over alternative setups for different scenarios such as Trial trash, Dungeons, Solo instances and Arenas.

Recommended race for this build is Dunmer / Dark Elf.

Recommended Mundus Stone is The Thief.

Recommended Potions to use for this build will be Essence of Weapon Power.

Recommended foods to use for this build will vary such as Lava Foot Soup-and-Saltrice (parsing) or any bi-stat food (Health + Stamina) for content that requires you to do so. You can also do Artaeum Takeaway Broth or Dubious Camoran Throne if need be depending on fights.

Gear and Skill Alternatives

Trash Setup (2H/Bow)

Dagon's Dominion

Sul-Xan's Torment

Master's Greatsword (Precise, Frontbar)

Maelstrom Arena Bow (Infused, Backbar)

Mundus Stone: The Thief

Trash Setup (Bow/Bow)

Azureblight (note that only one person in group can use this, Precise, Frontbar)

Sul-Xan's Torment


Maelstrom Arena Bow (Infused, Backbar)

  Mundus Stone: The Thief

Dungeon/Solo Setup (2H/Dual Wield)

Yandir's Might


Master's Greatsword (Precise, equipped Damage Health Poison IX)

Blackrose Dual Wield (Infused Daggers, Flame/Poison glyphs)

Mundus Stone: The Lover

Eruption can substitute for Camouflaged Hunter if there is no Dragonknight tank in the group so you get the Minor Brutality passive active.

Instead of Blackrose Dual Wield, you can try a Maelstrom Inferno Staff if you need more sustain.

You can use Charged trait on the two hander for more sustain as well.

Arena Setup (Dual Wield/Bow)


Sul-Xan's Torment

Ring of the Pale Order

Kra'gh (Just one piece)

Maelstrom Arena Bow

Frontbar: Daggers, Nirnhoned on mainhand/Precise on off hand; Charged is not great for short fights/encounters.

Mundus Stone: The Lover

Combat Metrics and ESOLogs

Rockgrove Hard Mode Example - Stamina Dragonknight with Z'en's Redress