The Lord

Bewitched Sugar Skulls
Essence of Health
Drain Magicka Poison IX

Introduction (Update 32, Deadlands)

This build is NOT recommended to take to Veteran Trials.

Apex is intended to be a fun ultimate-generating tank build on a Nightblade as the spec meshes incredibly well with the Nightblade class toolkit. It's primarily meant for all 4 man content. Post-U32, Nightblade tanking saw slight buffs such as the Dark Cloak heal (which scales off of your Max Health). Unlike the previous Nightblade tank build iterations, this will simply focus on tanking and taking as much damage as possible while consuming as many potions as possible to upkeep Ultimate generation in contrast to dealing damage as a 'sap tank'.

For a beginner's guide to tanking in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can refer to this guide.

Recommended Races for this build are Imperial, Nord and Argonian. For race recommendations you can refer to this video. Note that the Attribute allocation may differ depending on your race. For the purpose of the build showcase, we used Imperial.

Recommended potion for this build is an Essence of Health (tri-stat).

Recommended poisons for this build is Drain Magicka Poison IX.

Recommended food for this build is Bewitched Sugar Skulls.

Recommended Mundus Stone is The Lord.

For gameplay and the video showcasing this build, refer to the video.