Leveling Rewards

... in terms of helping new players acclimate to the game adding more ingame tips, rewards and items as they progress through the game whether they're questing or grinding. Keep in mind that some of these level up rewards are crucial to learning the basic systems of the game which we will go over. These rewards include things like "Milestone Rewards" which are given out every 5 levels and you may want to hold onto your new Crowns if you bought ESO+ as a new player as some of the things advertised in the Crown Store will be freely given to you.

Starting at Level 2, you get an Attribute Point and a Skill Point, attribute points can only be put into the three primary stats of Health, Stamina or Magicka for your character, even if you have no Champion Points or new to the game, I still recommend putting most if not all attribute points into Magicka or Stamina depending on whether you're going to be questing or grinding as a magicka or stamina damage dealer as tanky builds are pretty awful for grinding or even questing and killing things in overland zones.

Skill points are what you use to learn a skill whether it's from a class skill line, a weapon skill line or other skill lines.

Level 10

is our first milestone reward, where we get 3 attribute points, 3 skill points, the ability to use the Dungeon Finder tool ingame which is basically for pick up groups or pick up groups and most importantly, the game gives you a free mount.

A long time ago, new players had to grind out gold and buy mounts, the mount system back then was also quite different but basically as of 2020, you can upgrade your mount with a small amount of ingame currency at stablemasters in various towns or cities up to 60 times per stat, Carry Capacity being inventory space on your character, Speed being the speed stat of your mount and Stamina being the stat that determines how long your mount can sprint for.

I highly recommend investing into Carry Capacity personally as the first few points into stamina or speed don't really make much difference but inventory space as you will find out very soon will be a problem especially without ESO Plus. If you're also wondering if there's a difference between Crown Store mounts, ingame mounts or even between any mounts, there's not. It's just cosmetics. Also at level 10 you can now enter the PvP zone of Cyrodiil to either start PvP'ing or gain the Alliance War skill lines of Assault and Support.

Level 15

You have an option of choosing whatever weapon but you also now have the ability to weapon swap or barswap as most players call it. This means you can have one kind of weapon and an array of 5 skills and ultimate on one bar and a different kind of weapon with a set of 5 different skills and ultimate on the other bar.

Level 16

You get a personal Bank Space Upgrade of 10 slots that you can access any time either through an Assistant NPC from the Crown Store or any Banker NPC in major towns or cities. access to another dungeon finder dungeon and again, it's not like you're gonna get the rarest materials or whatever from the boxes or crates, so feel free to choose whatever.

Level 17 - 20

As you get more attribute and skill points you're introduced to the housing system in ESO, given a free storage coffer which you can place into any home you get for free, or purchase in the future to act as a pseudo-bank and you are also given a free Crown Repair Kit.

Ingame repair kits do not behave the same way as Crown Repair Kits in that you need to use an ingame repair kit per broken piece of gear rather than the Crown Repair Kit being consumed to repair every piece of gear you have equipped. You're also granted a free Flame Atronach Crown Crate, normally only purchased with the cosmetic store currency or from other players if they're selling their Crowns.

You also get access to yet another dungeon through the Group Finder tool and you're also given a choice between three different costumes to give you a taste of the Fashion Scrolls Online.

Level 27

Level 27 is actually pretty interesting, depending on what item sets are popular on the player market such as Mother's Sorrow which drops from treasure chests or  bosses in the zone of Deshaan, you can save a treasure map for later use as drops scale to your  level and obviously no one wants good drops at low levels.

For this one I personally chose the Deshaan Treasure Map for a chance later on to potentially get a Mother's Sorrow Lightning or Inferno Staff (a popular weapon as of writing this guide) to sell to other players when I reach gear cap. You also have the option of selling the Treasure Map you get as people may want to treasure hunt post-Greymoor patch for leads or motifs!

Level 39

At Level 39, you receive an Instant All Research Scroll, I would save this for later as researching things at crafting stations don't take very long at the beginning. Those of you who've played those mobile games where they force you to either buy stupid amounts of ingame currency to bypass the time or wait a stupid amount of time may be familiar with this sort of thing, thankfully there are also non-Crown Store methods of shortening your research duration.

Level 40

Level 40 drops a bunch of styles for you and the difference between styles and motifs is that styles can't be crafted but can apply when you need to "transmog" / change the appearance of your gear. You also get a free Outfit Change Token and 6000 gold to help you later on if you decide to invest into fashion.

Level 47

At Level 47, you get 50 Transmute Crystals or Stones or whatever players want to call them and this is a pretty cool system where you can use 50 crystals to change the trait of any weapon or armor you have to a desired trait.

So basically this circumvents the bad RNG a lot of people have in terms of getting what they want from dungeons, raids or wherever.

Like if I get a Infused Inferno Staff of a particular item set but wanted a Precise Inferno Staff of that same item set, that's where these Transmute Crystals come in handy.

There used to be a time, when we didn't even have these nor the option of trait changing and this has helped ESO become slightly less grindy for sure. I would definitely hold onto these Transmute Stones until you actually need a use for them!

Level 48, 49, 50 ; CP20, 100, 160

At Levels 48, 49, 50; you get even more Attribute Points, Skill Points and so forth. After this, all you have to do is get to Champion Point Rank 160 which is the gear cap but the actual CP cap is currently 810 as of this guide and you do get rewards up until CP 160 which include the Golden Saint costume at CP20, the Dark Seducer costume at CP60, the Mannimarco costume at CP100 and the Imperial Chancellor costume at CP160. Regardless of which character you log onto, you get to use these costumes across your account!