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The Dragonknight class, specifically Magicka Dragonknights in PvP or PvE, are getting quite a strong buff with the Corrosive Armor ultimate as you will be gaining not just Physical Penetration but also Spell Penetration. Magicka Dragonknights are quite strong in 1v1 scenarios already and this may replace Ultimates such as Shifting Standard or other skills in a variety of content.

Furthermore, the Draconic passive Scaled Armor was adjusted to where you lost 1650 Spell Resistance but also gained 1650 Physical Resistance.


The Necromancer class will be receiving a slight buff via a fix where the Unnverving Boneyard morph was not considered by the game to be an AoE despite being one.

This means the CP Slottable Biting Aura will now also affect the skill resulting in a slightly DPS gain.

Furthermore Flame Skull and the Stam or Magicka morph will also see a slight DPS gain due to a fix in regards to how the game erroneously calculated the damage modifiers on the skill.


Nightblades in addition to seeing a new stealth or invisibility gameplay under new rules will also have their Cloak morphs be affected by the new rules.


Magicka and Stamina Sorcerers will be seeing two class nerfs in Update 31, namely the inability to Overload somebody in PvP from stealth.

We see a severe nerf to the Ball of Lightning morph that will now only absorb 1 projectile per second rather than 100 projectiles per second. The latter change will be quite interesting to see with Sorc survivability when outnumbered.


Templars will yet again be seeing more class buffs following a few buffs in Update 29 and Update 30. Backlash and its morphs such as Power of the Light/Purifying Light will see a 30% boost to its copied damage effect which will certainly see a DPS gain for both Stamplars and Magplars in PvE raids particularly with the fact that the final tick of either morph scaling off of your Spell or Weapon Damage rather than your max Magicka or Stamina which is pretty huge for Stamplars.

Furthermore, positive modifiers on the player such as Minor Berserk, Major Slayer and so forth will join negative modifiers on target such as Major Vulnerability, Penetration, etc to affect this final tick.

We also see another big buff to Magicka Templars which have been somewhat stagnant in their performance as PvE Raid DPS compared to Magicka Sorcerer, Magicka Warden and Magicka Nightblade. The issue fix with Radiant Destruction and its morphs compounded with the buff to Radiant Oppression will result in a noticeable DPS gain. Instead of scaling off of how much Max Magicka you have left, Radiant Oppression will simply have a 500% execute multiplier. This is pretty big as it now allows Radiant Oppression to be fully utilized when wearing sets such as Bahsei's Mania where having low resources is encouraged to gain more damage in PvE scenarios.

Furthermore we see that the Aedric passive for Templars Balanced Warrior now sees a loss of 1320 Spell Resistance but also a 1320 gain in PHysical Resistance while granting 6% Spell Damage in addition to the old Physical Damage modifier.


Wardens will see a sort of half and half with Update 31, they will be getting 4 seconds of Major Mending from their Accelerated Growth passive while the duration of their Frozen Gates have been halved to 15 seconds down from 30 seconds although a fix went through in regards to their buggy disappearances.

Finally while we're not sure which Green Balance skills weren't getting the Emerald Moss passive buff of 2% Healing Done per ability slotted on the skill bar, this issue was also apparently fixed which should see a gain in Warden healing for PvP or PvE.