The Designer Spotlight is an 'interview a designer' session that is generally scheduled once a week at Professor Airie's Twitch stream — featuring one designer each time and providing an opportunity to explore the designer's inspiration, stories behind the homes, thought processes, design concepts, and tips and tricks.

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@Silvervind - PC/EU

Silvervind has been playing ESO on and off since 2017. Her favorite part of housing is to create landscapes with small houses. She likes to transform her houses so they are not recognizable as the original house.

Silvervind mostly gets her inspiration from the game itself, real life, or from other players. She finds inspirations in seeing the details in someone’s house or out of the world designers when creating a home that would fit her ideas. When she builds, she often starts with a part of the landscape then close off the rest of the area to create buildings and add details.

Silvervind has a Youtube channel to showcase her beautiful homes that you most definitely should check out!

Silvervind's Tips and Tricks

  • First come up with an idea of what you want to create then look for a house where you think it would be possible to do.
  • Do not feel restricted as to how the house looks originally and try to see the potential.

Silvervind's Creations