The Designer Spotlight is an 'interview a designer' session that is generally scheduled once a week at Professor Airie's Twitch stream — featuring one designer each time and providing an opportunity to explore the designer's inspiration, stories behind the homes, thought processes, design concepts, and tips and tricks.

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@Magnus.Septim - PC/EU

Magus Septim generally uses the environment of the house to guide the decision on the story the house should tell. He is taking the time to learn how to use EHT (Essential Housing Tools), and finds it to be extremely powerful and fun to use. Currently, he is obsessed with building really large structures (Airships, UFOs).

Magus REALLY enjoys the challenge of having an idea then using EHT to try and make that idea happen. He also LOVES working with his close friends, and getting their feedback and ideas during the build process. He appreciates constructive critisism and finds all 'criticisms' to be extremely valuable during a build.

"Special shout out to my friend @Nexasaurus — she is an amazing housing developer and always helps keep me 'on track' during my builds."

Magnus.Septim's Tips & Tricks

- Start with a simple concept for your house. Do not be afraid to change directions entirely and let your concept evolve.

- Research! Look for movies/photos/tv shows of your concept to help you get ideas. Look for in-game things that may be similar (boats for example), and look at other houses with similar concepts!

- Make a very rough draft of your concept, placing items around casually, and do not be worried about getting everything perfect at the beginning.

- If you are trying a large construction project, try to 'test out' the harder parts that intimidate you first, even if on a smaller scale. The build does not need to be perfect initially and the test serves a a "proof of concept".

- Assume you will be redoing difficult construction builds. Do not be afraid to entirely decontruct a build and start over — ten times if you have to. Keep re-doing it until YOU love it.

- The Solitude Platform, Ornate Tile furnishing has a really useful grid pattern which is versatile and can be used for many builds. Use this grid pattern to make sure things are lined up correctly and that your right angles are perfect.

- Tour as many houses as you can on NA and EU servers to see the creative builds and ideas of the housing community for inspiration.

- If you find a piece you love, try to replicate it as an exercise. EHT has a useful feature that lets you see the name of any furnishing.

- Engage with the housing community — they are amazingly talented people and have excellent resources to help you.

- Try to build efficiently to get the most out of your slots: Use larger pieces wheenver possible. Consider the angles at which others will be able to view things, and remove items not in view to save space.

- As you create the house, go over parts of house that you may need to fix up. It is helpful to stay away from a section then return to it later with a pair of fresh eyes.

Magnus' Work