The Designer Spotlight is an 'interview a designer' session that is generally scheduled once a week at Professor Airie's Twitch stream — featuring one designer each time and providing an opportunity to explore the designer's inspiration, stories behind the homes, thought processes, design concepts, and tips and tricks.

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@Jayasinjelly - PC/NA

Jayasinjelly got into housing about 4 years ago. She indicated when she first started housing, she had no idea what she was doing and had no direction. It wasn’t until she started touring homes of her fellow guildies that she realized how much we can do with what we’re given. It had never occurred to her to try and create something out of various furnishings or using furnishings in different ways, and she was absolutely floored. After a rocky start and a couple of very basic house builds,

Jayasinjelly began working on cobbles (combining multiple furnishings to create other furnishings or features) which has become her favorite aspect of housing. She mainly focuses on creating homes that are realistic and/or modern and a lot of her inspiration comes from her hobbies outside of the game or places she loved growing up. 

Tips and Tricks from Jayasinjelly

If I have an idea of what I want to create, I’ll search for pictures online to give me a blueprint of the structural integrity of furniture or decks and so on. I’ll keep the reference pics until the build is complete just to reexamine if I get stuck.

When I’m in the middle of building a space, I spend a LOT of time examining everything I build from every angle I can. If I build a loveseat, I don’t want it to only look good from the front. You never know what angle a viewer is going to take a screenshot and you want to make sure what you created comes across correctly no matter who’s looking at it.

I don’t depend on tools to make sure items are polished looking. EHT and the precision editor are fabulous, but nothing beats the human eye to make sure there’s no objects floating or sticking into a wall or your tile doesn’t line up correctly.

When I start on a cobble, I come up with the idea first, then go through every item I own and see what I can use to create it. I wanted suds in my sink, but all the snow drifts were way too big for the space, so I used a snowman butt and it fit perfectly. I use the red light on clockwork styluses to create power buttons on my electronics. Using just the tip of an item can bring the detail level of a cobble up to hit that wow factor.

If you feel stuck, go on the forums and peruse the housing posts or go on EHT and sort through the categories. It’s amazing how creative the community is, and you’ll find builds you never thought would work or never thought about at all.

Most importantly, don’t compare your work to others. Everyone learns at their own pace, and everyone has their specialties and the things they love to create. You will only get better with practice. We all bring a unique view to the game and your ideas are worth exploring. Even if you get frustrated or don’t think a build is going the way you want, just take a day off, and come back to it. Don’t give up!