The Designer Spotlight is an 'interview a designer' session that is generally scheduled once a week at Professor Airie's Twitch stream — featuring one designer each time and providing an opportunity to explore the designer's inspiration, stories behind the homes, thought processes, design concepts, and tips and tricks.

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@FrkMyers - PC / North America

Myers is the Guild Leader Assist of Housing Finest Builders and an ESO content creator who is able to handcraft beautiful and harmonious scenery using deep knowledge in colour theory. Check their streams out here.

FrkMyers' Tips & Tricks

⦁ When building caves, ensure to use more boulders than needed as the overalpping of boulders create smoother and more natural surfaces.

⦁ When reskinning a home, you may be able to reskin the entrance as furnishings will not have collision have placed closed to the entrance.

⦁ Maximising slots by using coffers to fill shelves or as decorations.

⦁ When decorating a restaurant, create different settings at each table that tell stories of the guests.

⦁ Include details that may be difficult to see at first sight; however, would add to the atmosphere and the story.

⦁ Place points of interest throughout the home so guests would be able to find suprises when touring the home.