The Designer Spotlight is an 'interview a designer' session that is generally scheduled once a week at Professor Airie's Twitch stream — featuring one designer each time and providing an opportunity to explore the designer's inspiration, stories behind the homes, thought processes, design concepts, and tips and tricks.

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@Famabarb - PC/EU

Famabarb first started modding and creating buildings, temple, or interiors back in TESIII: Morrowind with the Creation Kit and has not stopped ever since. They mostly get their inspiration from antique buildings and history, and also from modern and contemporary art. Famabarb loves using lights and creating narrative concepts around their characters and their houses, and likes to use some references to Pop or Geek Culture like Stargate and Indiana Jones.

Famabarb's Tips and Tricks

- If you have an idea but you can’t find a furniture do some tests and compose with others to get what you want.

- Be sure to think about ambiance and light to enhance the rooms or point of interest. Mystic, dark, warm ambiants are always nice when properly set up.

- Think big if you want, as long as you have the ressources and the creativity the possibilities are endless.

- Alway start with small things to get used to it, managing space and slots is a big challenge in this game.

- Use the environment. You want a pool ? Find a house with water and build around. You want a temple ? find a house with huge interiors and/or exterior.

- Once you get an idea, visit all houses and get the one that stick perfectly.

Famabarb's Creations