The Designer Spotlight is an 'interview a designer' session that is generally scheduled once a week at Professor Airie's Twitch stream — featuring one designer each time and providing an opportunity to explore the designer's inspiration, stories behind the homes, thought processes, design concepts, and tips and tricks.

Make sure to check out Airie's Ultimate ESO Homestead Guide along with her previous Designer Spotlight featuring @Doree89 from PC/EU.

@Cassis_Fanta - PC/North America

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- Choose themes that excite and inspire you. Enjoy a TV show, book, video game or movie? Try remaking a scene from them.

- Experiment! If an idea doesn't work the first time, try something different. You can undo your changes if they don't work out.

- If your house is too big for your item limit, don't feel bad about blocking some parts off, it's your canvas.

- Before starting a project, give your property a walk thru and pre-placed items that you don't "need". Then, plan the remaining item limit into ratios. A good starting point for most houses is 1/3 outside, 1/3 inside, 1/3 finishing details.

- Invite friends to look at your housing builds when they're about 90% finished. Leave that item placement budget for things they suggest that you might not see.

- Try sinking furnishings halfway into walls / ceilings and rotating them, you might find novel and different ways to use them. Morphing multiple furnishings into each other can also yield great results.