Introduction (Adastra Housing Showcase)

Aetherius Art is one of the largest alliances in Tamriel with housing, trading, and social guilds. The members are passionate about designing houses, crafting furniture, and making objects of art.

You can join their Discord server here to join in their activities!

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01. @crazyvogue | Ravenhurst

02. @zemoyuki | Hall of the Lunar Champion

03. @foxface | Moon-Sugar Meadow

04. @thysbe | Exorcised Coven Cottage

05. @pneumatickitty | Domus Phrasticus

06. @niyuma | Hall of the Lunar Champion

07. @agnimhav | stillwaters retreat

08. @m4kh4r4 | The Erstwhile Sanctuary

09. @raincoatcollie | Hall of the Lunar Champion

10. @pacgarrett | Varlaisvea Ayleid ruins

11. @lilith4657 | Stillwaters Retreat

12. @rubitete | Stone Eagle Aerie

13. @nightfalrose | Elinhir Private Arena

14. @zuluskunk | The Ebony Flask Inn Room