Main Tank Warden: @PK

Healer Templar: @Warfire

DD Necro: @Saphorius (MA) @qwertzuiop (EC/MA)

DD Sorc: @Reveax (MK)

DD NB: @Deekri @Lulu

DK: @Alx (Z'en) / @WHoitmsa

On Lokke, we had our healer (Warfire) run Alkosh so PK could ranged tank the boss and we could get good uptime as Warfire could stand in group.

We didn't attempt the hardmode here - it's certainly possible, but the fight would have been long and we didn't have the time to practice.

On Yolnahkriin, we had the MagDK stand in a group on his own.

Everytime he would have the flare, he could 'solo' it by using a magma armour ultimate. We had enough DPS to not have to worry too much about having 2 Iron Atronachs up, as we could either skip it if we were really fast with some good RNG, or push the boss before it became an issue.

This Nahvii fight was quite a bit slower than others, largely due to a mishap with the add stack on first trash. We all saved ulti for the trash, with myself and another DD helping to stack the mages.

ESOLogs for this run can be found here.